Carbon Inks/Coatings

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Water-Based Carbon Resistive Coating

Water-based carbon surface coating or saturant with low viscosity with antistatic properties.

Plastic, paper, cardboard, urethane foam, textiles; surface coating wood & concrete

Saturation, roll, spray, rotogravure, coat or dip

< 10,000 Ω/square/mil

Carbon Resistive Ink

For screen printing traces and discrete resistance pads, or as an overprint on silver conductive traces in membrane switches, flex circuits, additive circuits and EL panel back electrodes.

Polyester, polyimide and metal

Screen print, spray, dip or coat

< 30 Ω/square/mil

Highly Conductive Water-based Coating

Water-based carbon coating with higher conductivity & excellent metal adhesion for EMI/RFID shielding.

Paper, cardboard, wood, urethane foam, metal and most plastic substrates

Rotogravure, spray, coat, dip or saturation

< 30 Ω/square/mil