Transparent Conductive Inks Transparent Conductive Inks

Orgacon screen-printable inks are based on conductive polymer PEDOT/PSS and enable patterning of transparent conductive structures from plain down to resolution of 100 microns on flexible and rigid substrates such as PET, PC, PMMA, PI, and glass. Orgacon EL-P inks can achieve excellent characteristics such as flexibility and formability for electrodes of electroluminescent lamps, capacitive touch sensors, and membrane switches. Recommended screen is 350 polyester mesh for a wet film thickness of 1 mil. Resolutions of 100 microns can be achieved.

RemoveProductTypical ApplicationsSER @ P77/55 (Ohm/square)SERxOD*ASTM D 1003Viscosity(Pas), 25 °CPDF
CompareProductTypical ApplicationsSER @ P77/55 (Ohm/square)SERxOD*ASTM D 1003Viscosity(Pas), 25 °CPDF

Patterned transparent conductive fine structures for EL and touch applications, OPV ITO substitution. Highest conductivity. Preferred for achieving less than 20 micron dry film thickness.

19018> 50PDF

Enhanced stability. Patterned transparent conductive structures for LED-backlit capacitive sensors for long-run printing

37511> 40PDF

* Lower value for SER x OD (Optical Density) indicates higher opto-electrical performance