Micro Molds and Stamps Using SU-8 or KMPR®

There is a need for faster and less expensive techniques to produce microstructures in PDMS, PMMA and other materials. SU-8 Series micro molds and stamps are being used for this purpose. Using photolithography, a design can easily be defined on a silicon wafer creating a mold quickly and easily. A typical application is microfluidic components and systems. Devices can be fabricated rapidly to move from research, to prototyping, and eventually to large-scale production.

Advantages of SU-8 and KMPR® UV fabricated micro molds

  • Low cost fabrication
  • Possibility to superimpose several levels
  • High photoresist thickness
    • Simple coating > 100 µm
    • Multiple coatings > several hundred µm
  • Rapid proto-typing
  • Reusable

SU-8 for producing micro gears using electroforming
A 180 µm thick KMPR® photoresist mold deposited using a multiple spin coating process.
SEMs Source: Electrochemical Co-deposition of Metal-Nanoparticle Composites for Microsystem Apps.
Kyle Jiang, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK, B15 2TT