Microwell Arrays

Microwell arrays* are widely used for microfluidic diagnostics. SU-8 is being used to lithographically fabricate addressable low cost high density microwell arrays for disposable biochips. Rapid diagnostic tests can be done with luminescent based assays using dyed SU-8 fiber optic faceplates. Reducing optical cross talk improves detection sensitivity. Applications include bio-mems for genomics, proteomics, and other bio determinations.

Hybrid SU-8 on glass biochip

  • Precise wells – diameter, depth, pitch
  • Highly addressable
  • Spectrally specific absorbing chemistry
  • Optical cross-talk eliminated with dye
  • Low cost fabrication
  • Wide variety of analysis, sensing
  • Sensing at nano-levels for life science and homeland security

SU-8 Benefits/Attributes

  • Many shapes, channels possible
  • High aspect ratio
  • Chemically resistant to diagnostic chemistries
  • Coating method can greatly reduce material cost
  • Photolithography compatible with widely used IC processes and equipment

Bottom of wells/glass surface
SU-8 Magenta Resist is shown

* This application has been jointly developed by Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. and Incom. Incom is a global leader in fused fiber optic technology. The fiber optic face plate used in this application was developed by and is manufactured by Incom.