Spin-on Carbon Hardmasks

A new fullerene spin-on-carbon (SoC) hardmask material developed by Irresistible Materials Ltd (IM) and manufactured by Nano-C, Inc.

SoC Hardmasks are an increasingly key component of the microchip fabrication process. They are frequently used to improve the resists’ selectivity to silicon during plasma etching, and as chip architectures become more complex the use of hardmasks to improve the aspect ratio of features in silicon is critical.

The IM SoC Hardmask is a high carbon fullerene based material that delivers breakthroughs in performance that enable users to pattern precise, high quality features at increasingly small dimensions. The material addresses needs in multiple applications, from next generation 3-D micro-chip designs, to MEMS, NEMS and the replacement of existing costly vapor deposition processes.

Material Uses

  • Enable ultra-high resolution (sub 20nm) devices
  • Replacement for amorphous carbon
  • Sub-micron MEMS & NEMS deep etching
  • 3-D microchip design architectures
  • Multi-layer etch stacks

Material Attributes

  • High carbon content
  • High etch resistance
  • Sub 20nm resolution patterns
  • High aspect ratio features (>15:1 at 20nm)
  • Eliminates need for amorphous carbon

Tri-layer Etch Stack Process
Typical tri-layer etch stack process showing the amplification of achievable aspect ratio
Example Pattern Images
30nm lines transferred into fullerene hardmask
12nm lines etched into silicon