XP PriElex® SU-8 1.0 Inkjettable Dielectric

XP PriElex® SU-8 1.0 is a jettable epoxy (SU-8) ink for dielectric and isolation patterning. The ink was specifically developed for jetting on the FUJIFILM Dimatix DMP printer, one of the most common R&D and prototyping inkjet tools.

The ink formulation was tailored for critical inkjet properties such as viscosity, surface tension and evaporation rate, and exhibits improved jetting performance over standard resist formulations.

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Product Features:

  • Inkjet compatibility
  • Low temperature cure (<150º C)
  • Good dielectric properties
  • Excellent thermal and chemical resistance
PriElex® SU-8 Direct Write: 5 passes, linear scan
Source: Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc.

Additive Via Fabrication

Via pattern created with additive inkjet process
Source: Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc.