Kayaku Advanced Materials is pleased to introduce
its newest functional printed electronic ink product line:

For Your Functional Ink & Coating Requirements

  • Silver Inks

    Silver InksSilver Inks
  • Carbon Inks

    Carbon InksCarbon Inks
  • Dielectrics & Encapsulants

    Dielectrics & EncapsulantsDielectrics & Encapsulants
  • Medical Inks & Epoxy

    Medical Inks & EpoxyMedical Inks & Epoxy
  • Epoxy, Potting & Staking Compounds

    Epoxy, Potting & Staking CompoundsEpoxy, Potting & Staking Compounds
  • Clear Conductive Inks

    Clear Conductive InksClear Conductive Inks
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