Conduct, Creativity & Collaboration Make the Difference

Companies seeking a committed, creative partner turn to Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. for both the expertise that decades of experience imparts and the commitment that a trusted partner provides. In fact, our state-of-the-art 76,000 sq. ft. facility in Westborough, MA is replete with digital meeting rooms for global collaboration as well as in-house research libraries and team meeting spaces to spark creative solutions for our customers.

From development through production, we are focused on meeting the rapidly advancing demands of the technology markets. And we do it all with uncompromising and absolute quality–the only standard Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. follows.

Discover the Difference We Can Make.

A Collaborative Approach Yields Successful Results

Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. delivers the speed, responsiveness, and solutions of an entrepreneurial organization, while backed by the experience, wisdom, and market knowledge of a company that has spent decades as a global leader.  Together with our collaborative approach, this provides you with a unique combination of customized solutions, scalability, and corporate strength. From product inception onward, Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. can get you across the finish line—and then give you the tools to push into large scale production, and beyond.