SU-8 2000

SU-8 2000 chemically amplified, i-Line resists are well-suited for the fabrication of permanent device structures. These negative tone, epoxy based resists exhibit excellent chemical resistance and low Young’s Modulus which makes them ideal for fabricating micro/nano structures such as cantilevers, membranes, and microchannels.

Material attributes:

  • Spin coat films from <1µm to >75µm
  • High thermal and chemical resistance
  • Optically transparent
  • Compatible with i-Line imaging equipment

Material uses:

  • Fabrication of PDMS molds
  • Structural components such as micro arrays, fluidic channels, display pixel walls and dielectric layers
  • Dry etch masks
  • Rapid prototyping

25 µm wide, 125 µm high
Source: Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc.
10µm features, 50µm SU-8 2000 coating
Source: micro resist technology
Source: Genoletet, al., IBM-Zurich, Rev. Sci., Instrum., 70, 2398 (1999)
Microfluidic Actuator
Source: N Chronis, LP Lee, UC Berkeley, μTAS 2002, 754 (2002)