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Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. offers a broad line of ancillary products for resist thinning, edge bead removal, development, rinse and removal of photoresists. These products work effectively with our PMGI, LOR, PMMA & copolymer, and SU-8 resists, as well as with many other commercially available photoresist products. Competitively priced, these ancillary products are available in a wide range of package sizes.

Adhesion Promoter/Release Layer

Product NameProduct Function
OmniCoatAdhesion Promoter

Photoresist Thinners

Product NameProduct Function
A thinnerTo dilute PMMA A resists
C thinnerTo dilute PMMA C resists
CPG thinnerTo dilute SU-8 TF 6000 resists
EL thinnerTo dilute copolymer resists
G thinnerTo dilute LOR and PMGI SFG resists
SU-8 2000 thinnerTo dilute SU-8 2000, SU-8 3000 & KMPR® 1000 resists.
T thinnerTo dilute PMGI SF resists

Edge Bead Remover

Product NameProduct Function


Product NameProduct Function
KMSF® DeveloperKMSF® 1000 resist development
MIBK:IPA 1:1High speed PMMA & copolymer resist development
MIBK:IPA 1:2PMMA & copolymer resist development
MIBK:IPA 1:3High resolution PMMA & copolymer resist development
MicroChem 303 A DeveloperHolographic lithography and general microelectronics
MicroChem 452 DeveloperDevelopment of DuPont® S1800® and other commercially available photoresists
MicroChem 455 DeveloperDevelopment of DuPont® S1800® and other commercially available photoresists
PMGI 101 developerPMGI resist development
PN 1000 DeveloperPermiNex® 1000 resist development
SU-8 developerSU-8, SU-8 2000, SU-8 3000 & SU-8 TF 6000 resist development


Product NameProduct Function
MicroChem Remover 1112ATo strip photoresist coatings on photo-masks, optoelectronic displays, thin film circuits, and other microelectronic devices.
Remover PGTo strip PMGI, LOR, PMMA, KMPR® 1000 & minimally cross-linked SU-8 resists