TempKoat™ N Negative Temporary Photoresist

TempKoat™ N is a chemically amplified, negative-tone resist series for advanced packaging and MEMS applications.

TempKoat™ N 15 is the first dilution available in the TempKoat™ N series and is optimized for thick resist applications from 7 to 20 μm.

Material Attributes:

  • Negative tone, chemically amplified resist
  • 7 to 20 µm film thickness in a single coat
  • i-Line/broadband sensitivity, 2:1 achievable aspect ratio
  • No rehydration or latency delay
  • Aqueous alkaline development (standard 0.26N TMAH)
  • Excellent resistance to copper plating chemistries
  • Residue-free removal

Material Uses:

  • Electroplating
  • RDL
  • Microbumping

* Note: Product not commercially available within the United States; however, small scale quantities may be purchased in the United States for R&D purposes.

Lithography Process for TempKoat™ N 15

Substrate 150 mm Cu wafer
Spin Speed 2000 rpm/30 seconds
Film Thickness 15 µm
Soft Bake 115°C, 3.5 minutes (hot plate)
Exposure 85 mJ/cm2

ABM Broadband aligner with 360 nm long pass filter

Intensity measured at 365 nm

PEB 95°C, 2 minutes (hot plate)
Development Spray develop with 0.26N TMAH Developer
2 x 60 seconds puddle
15 µm trenches in 15 µm thick resist

Cu Plating Process for TempKoat™ N 15

Surface Prep. O2 Plasma

80SCCM, 350W, 3 minutes

Technic Elevate® Cu 6300 Cleaner (or equivalent)

room temperature, 1.5 minutes, shaker table

Plating Technic Elevate® Cu 6388

I = 8.05A, 4.17 minutes, 80˚F

Resist Removal DMSO-based remover (DuPont INTERVIA™ 2011 Remover)

Immersion and agitation for 15 minutes at ambient temperature

15 µm Cu plated vias in 15 µm thick resist before and after resist removal

15 µm trenches in 15 µm thick TempKoat™ N
before and after copper plating and resist removal