KMSF® 1000 Low stress Photo-dielectric

KMSF® 1000 is a negative tone, polyimide-based photo-dielectric for use as an ultra-low stress buffer, passivation or protective layer.

Material Attributes:

  • Negative tone, photoimageable dielectric
  • No warpage due to low shrinkage and tensile modulus
  • Solvent developable
  • I-Line/broadband sensitivity, 1:1 aspect ratio imaging
  • Low temperature processing (< 200°C)
  • Good electrical properties
  • High thermal and chemical stability
  • Low moisture uptake
20 µm via
10 µm Film Thickness
50 µm via
10 µm Film Thickness
15 µm L/S
10 µm Film Thickness

Lithography Process

TypeLiquid Negative Tone
Film Thickness
~ 3 to 10 µm
Soft Bake110°C, 10 minutes
Exposure Dose> 400 mJ/cm2 (EVG Broadband aligner)
Proximity, intensity measured at 365 nm)
DevelopmentSpray develop with KMSF® Developer
23˚C, 70 rpm, 60 seconds spray, 60 seconds puddle + 60 seconds spray
RinseSpray rinse in KMSF® Developer
23˚C, 70 rpm, 10 seconds + 2000 rpm, 15 seconds
Hard Bake175°C, 60 minutes

Cured Film Properties

Mechanical PropertiesYoung’s Modulus0.14 GPa
Tensile Strength37 MPa
CTE α1 (<Tg)140 ppm/˚C
Residual Stress0.2 MPa
Thermal PropertiesTg (TMA)57˚C
5% Weight Loss Temperature in N2420°C
Electrical PropertiesVolume Resistivity1.8 x 1015 Ohm·cm
Electric Strength1.8 kV/10 µm
Dielectric Constant, 1GHz2.6
Dissipation Factor , 1GHz0.008
Water AbsorptionMoisture Absorption (23˚C/85%RH, 24 hours)0.1%

Wafer Warpage Comparison

Wafer size/thickness: 200 mm/50 µm
Material film thickness: 10 µm