UniLOR® N Single-layer Lift-off Photoresists

UniLOR® N are chemically amplified, negative-tone resists for single layer lift-off processes.

Material Attributes:

  • Negative tone, chemically amplified resists
  • 1 to 5 µm film thickness range
  • i-Line/Broadband sensitivity, 1:1 aspect ratio capability
  • Adjustable sidewall profile angle
  • Aqueous alkaline development (standard 0.26N TMAH developers)
  • Suitable for metal evaporation physical vapor deposition processes
  • Pattern thermal stability up to 200°C
  • Clean removal with standard photoresist removal chemistries
  • Suitable as top imaging resist in bi-layer lift-off processes

Lithography Process

Wafer Preparation HMDS vapor priming (Si wafer)
Spin Coating 1000 to 4000 rpm/40 seconds
Film Thickness 1 to 5 µm
Soft Bake 115°C, 2 minutes (hot plate)
Exposure 260 mJ/cm2 for 3 µm film thickness (adjustable)

ABM Broadband aligner with 360 nm long pass filter

Intensity measured at 365 nm

PEB 120°C, 2 minutes (hot plate)
Development Spray develop with 0.26N TMAH Developer
1 x 45 seconds puddle

Wall Profile Adjustment through Exposure Dose and PEB

not found
3 µm film thickness – 3 µm L&S

High Temperature Bi-Layer Lift-off Processes

not found
Bi-layer resist stack post 200C/1h hot plate bake,
6 µm L/S – 2 µm UniLOR® N on top of 0.5 µm LOR C
1.98 µm undercut
not found
5000 Å SiO2 sputter deposition
6 µm L/S – 1.5 µm UniLOR® N on top of 0.5 µm LOR C
2.1 µm undercut