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The following are the shelf-life policies of Kayaku Advanced Material and our manufacturing partners:

StructSure™ Photoresist materials are provided a 13-month shelf life.
*SU-8 TF 6000 Series Resists have a 12-month shelf life.
StructSure™ Specialty Chemicals, including Thinners (A, C, EL, SU-8 2000), Developers (MIBK:IPA, SU-8 & KMSF®), and Removers (MicroChem Remover 1112A) maintain a 24-month shelf life.
All other Developers, Removers, Thinners, and Strippers have a 13-month shelf life.
*EBR PG has a 12-month shelf life.
Kayaku Advanced Materials guarantees a minimum remaining shelf life of 6-months on StructSure™ Photoresist and Specialty Chemicals from time of shipment.


DuPont does not guarantee shelf life remaining for specific products due to application and variability of functional uses. If DuPont has material in stock and (1) the product is within the total shelf life of the material or (2) it is determined that an extension can be granted beyond the total shelf life, the material will be used to fill orders submitted by Kayaku. Not all DuPont products are available for shelf life extensions

micro resist technology

Micro Resist Technology (MRT) manufactures standard products primarily for stock. The time also required for quality control and dispatch means that products will not have their full shelf life by the time they reach you. However, products will still have at least 50 % of the shelf life quoted. Most products are defined as having a 12-month shelf life.

*The shelf life of ma-N 2400 is 9 months.

A Shelf-Life Extension (SLE) may be provided for eligible products.

Please inquire via e-mail to [email protected].

In your inquiry, please include the following information:

  1. Product Name
  2. Manufacturer Part Number
  3. Product Lot Number