KMSF® 2000 Low Dk/Df

KMSF® 2000 is a negative-tone, low-temperature cure, PPE-copolymer-based photo-dielectric for high reliability heterogeneous design in advanced packaging. It provides a unique advantage offering through its improved pattern resolution, low temperature cure, and robust balance of mechanical and electrical properties. It is designed for an optimal cured film thickness of 5 to 10 μm.

Material Attributes:

  • Negative tone, photoimageable dielectric
  • 5 to 10 µm film thickness after cure
  • Solvent-developable in PGMEA
  • I-Line/broadband sensitivity, 1:1 aspect ratio imaging
  • Low temperature cure ≤ 200°C
  • Low Dk/Df electrical properties
  • Low moisture uptake
  • Good thermal and chemical stability

Material Uses:

  • RDL dielectric
  • Passivation and protective layer
  • Wafer level packaging

Lithography Process

Process Steps Conditions for 5 μm
Thick Process with KMSF® 2005
Conditions for 10 μm
Thick Process with KMSF® 2010
Substrate 150 and 200 mm Cu wafer
Spin-speed 2500 rpm/ 30 seconds 1900 rpm/ 30 seconds
Soft Bake 95°C, 3 minutes (hot plate) 95°C, 4 minutes (hot plate)
Exposure 250 mJ/cm2
ABM broadband mask aligner with intensity measured at 365 nm
PEB 110°C, 2 minutes (hot plate)
Development PGMEA-based Developer 6 x 60 seconds puddle
Hard Bake 200°C under nitrogen, 60 minutes

Cured Film Properties

Property Value
Process Available Viscosities ~800 cSt
~1600 cSt
Mechanical Properties Young’s Modulus 1.6 GPa
Tensile Strength 60 MPa
CTE α1 (<Tg) 60 ppm/˚C
Elongation 65%
Residual Stress 14 MPa
Thermal Properties Tg (DMA) 215˚C
5% weight loss temp. in N2 390˚C
Electrical Properties Volume Resistivity 6.7 x 1016 Ohm·cm
Breakdown Voltage 270 V/µm
Dielectric Constant,
(10-50 GHz)
Dissipation Factor,
(10-50 GHz)
Water Absorption Moisture Absorption
(23˚C/85% RH, 24 hours)


HAST (PCT): 121ºC/100% RH, 2 atm, 48 hours

BIAS HAST: 85°C/85% RH, 3.3 volts, 168 hours
(5 µm L/S Cu structure)

10 µm via
10 µm Film Thickness
15 µm via
10 µm Film Thickness