SU-8 is a high contrast, epoxy-based photoresist designed for micromachining and other microelectronic applications where a thick chemically and thermally stable image is desired. The exposed and subsequently cross-linked portions of the film are rendered insoluble to liquid developers. SU-8 has very high optical transparency above 360 nm, which makes it ideally suited for imaging near vertical sidewalls in very thick films. SU-8 is best suited for permanent applications where it is imaged, cured and left in place.

Material attributes:

  • High aspect ratio imaging with near vertical sidewalls
  • Near UV (350-400 nm) processing
  • Film thicknesses from 2 to 200 μm with single spin coat processes
  • Superb chemical and temperature resistance

Material uses:

  • MEMS devices
  • PDMS molding
  • Inkjet nozzles
  • Microfluidics

MEMS gears with SU-8 removed

Honeycomb structure in thick SU-8 resist.