PermiNex® 1000 and 2000 Wafer Bonding Adhesives

Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. PermiNex® 1000 and 2000 resists are epoxy based, photo-imageable bonding resist used as an adhesive layer for the definition and capping of cavity structures such as BAW, SAW, microfluidic devices, and others, where critical alignment, low temperature processing and high bond quality are desired.

Material Attributes:

  • Negative tone, photo-imageable adhesives
  • Alkaline and solvent developable series
  • High resolution patterning
  • Low temperature processing (< 200°C)
  • High quality, void-free bonding
  • Superb adhesion to silicon and glass
  • Good process compatibility (dicing, soldering) and high reliability (HAST, TCT)

Resolution Capability

5µm features in 15µm thick PermiNex® 1000
Source: Kayaku Advanced Materials

Bonding Capability

Test cavity structures
Adhesive cavity wall
  • High seal integrity after bonding
  • High edge acuity
  • No cracking or defects at corners
  • Void free, conformal interface
Si to Glass bonded wafers, 10µm thick PermiNex® adhesive structure
Source: Kayaku Advanced Materials