KMPR® 1000

KMPR® 1000 i-Line photoresist is a high contrast, epoxy based photoresist that can be developed in a conventional aqueous alkaline developer (TMAH). KMPR® 1000 is designed to coat 4-110 µm in a single step using five standard viscosities.

KMPR® 1000 can be easily removed after completion of electroforming using commercially available chemical removers. Lithography can be used to form KMPR® 1000 molds that have the required dimensional accuracy and sidewall verticality for micro electroforming.

Deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) compatible with the CMOS process, KMPR® 1000 will survive dry etch for the extended periods of time necessary to perform >20 µm deep etching with HAR.

Material attributes:

  • High aspect ratio with vertical sidewalls
  • High chemical and plasma resistance
  • Greater than 100 µm film thickness in a single coat
  • Excellent adhesion to metals
  • Wet strips in conventional strippers
  • Excellent dry etch resistance

Material uses:

  • MEMS
  • DRIE
  • Electroplating
  • Permanent Structures
Deep Etch
Plating (100 µm tall Ni posts, KMPR® removed)
Electroformed Ni gear after stripping KMPR®
Source: Univ. of Birmingham