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Photoresists & Specialty Chemicals

Microfluidics is the science and technology of manipulating and analyzing fluid flow in sub-millimeter dimensions. It is the key enabling technology for many emerging applications and disciplines, especially in the fields of chemistry, biology and medicine. In engineering and the physical sciences microfluidic systems are employed in applications such as control systems, heat management, and energy generation.

Examples include:

  • Biosensor devices for molecular diagnostics
  • Polymerase chain reaction chips
  • High-throughput screening
  • Controlled drug delivery systems
  • Drug discovery methods
  • Forensic analysis instruments


  • Monolithic integration of unit operations
  • Sample preparation, metering, mixing/separation
  • Precise fabrication of complex microfluidic structures with a rapid, cost-effective fabrication process.
  • Fabrication process compatible with the integration of microelectronics needed for actuation and/or detection

SU-8 Benefits/Attributes

  • High aspect ratio imaging
  • 0.5 to >200um in a single coat
  • Superb chemical and temperature resistance
  • Optical transparency
  • Photolithography is more cost effective compared to Si and glass micromachining

Top Layer Construction

Combined Layer Construction