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High Aspect Ratio (HAR) Micro-plated Structure Using KMPR®

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KMPR®: Benefits/Attributes

  • High aspect ratio imaging with vertical sidewalls
  • Up to 100+ µm in a single spin coat
  • Compatible with standard aqueous developers
  • No cracking
  • Strippable with standard wet or dry chemistry
  • Excellent metal adhesion
  • Excellent plating bath stability

Process Flow

1. KMPR® is coated onto seed layer.

2. KMPR® is exposed.

3. KMPR® is post-exposure baked.

4. KMPR® is developed.

5. KMPR® is electroplated.

Removal of KMPR®

6. Immersed in NMP (MCC’s Remover PG), KMPR® swells.

7. Further immersed in heated NMP, KMPR® continues to swell and then to lift.

8. Depending on resist thickness, plasma (O2/CF4) may be required. KMPR® is removed. Rinse.

9. Result: High aspect ratio (HAR) plated structures.

50 μm tall Cu post grid array, KMPR® removed
Source: Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc.

Resist thickness: 800 nm Lines and spaces: 250 nm