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Novel Low Temperature Curable Photo-Patternable Low Dk/Df for Wafer Level Packaging

Photo Curable Image Kayaku

As the 5G technology roll out continues, next generation dielectric layer materials are a major component of device packaging designs. The challenge is designing a material that provides a balance of characteristics to withstand the harsh environments and complex designs of the devices. Most importantly, the stability of the material is imperative to the performance of the packaged device. The next generation materials require a low dielectric loss (Df), low dielectric constant (Dk), and low moisture absorption whilst attaining the good mechanical and thermal properties to resist the inherent stresses in the final package. Additionally, emerging materials must be competitively priced and/or offer ease of manufacturability in order to offset current industry players and overcome the complexity of assembly. A novel low temperature curable, photo-patternable low Dk and low Df dielectric material is presented. PRL-29 offers a robust balance of characteristic properties that prove material stability and high reliability in simulated 5G conditions.

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