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Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. offers a broad range of resist and ancillary products to meet almost any applications need, including our own products such as PMGI and LOR bi-layer, lift-off resists, SU-8 and KMPR® epoxy resists for various sacrificial and permanent imaging applications and PMMA resists for e-beam processing. We manufacture the PriElex® product line of functional printed electronic inks and dielectrics for flexible substrate applications, and distribute Orgacon® line of transparent conductive inks manufactured by AGFA. In addition, we are the exclusive North American distributor of DuPont Electronic Solutions’ Semiconductor Technology (ST) and Advanced Packaging Technology (APT) resists, dielectrics and ancillary products. We also distribute micro resist technology's (MRT) resist products, including unique optical products and resists for Nano and Micro imprinting.  

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